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Meet Greg





  1. of top quality or importance.

“This advertising agency does primo work!”




  1. (relative) family
  2. Cousin

“Tengo una familia muy grande de primos.”

“Primo” explained

Greg comes from a family of thousands that are mostly based in Fort Worth, TX.  It is a common occurrence that he will run across a family member that he has never met before.  This happens more often in this stage of life as he does a lot of networking with the local chambers of commerce and charitable organizations. You will always see Greg hugging a family member at any given public event.  This is where the name “Primo” Advertising, LLC came from.  

Our clients are just like family to us.  Some of Greg’s clients have become best friends and have been with him for his entire career.  Some clients even turned out to be, (you guessed it) Primos!  

A message from Greg:

In 2005, I entered the world of advertising and instantly fell in love with the creativity that I was able to implement to help small businesses grow. As time went on, technology advanced immensely, and the way that we (consumers) live our daily lives has changed drastically. 

Even with rapid transformations in content consumption, the one thing that always remains important in your brand messaging is expressing your value to the right audience. With connections in numerous media outlets, we at Primo Advertising can help you tell your story to millions of high-propensity individuals who can choose to buy from you, rather than your competitors.

Fun facts

  • Hometown: Fort Worth
  • Immediate family: Dad to a 9-year-old girl
  • Hobbies: Outdoor Festivals, Home Projects, Soccer with the kiddo, Attending Visual and Performing Arts, Sporting Events, Charity Volunteering, Pickleball, Cooking, Family Time
  • Work History (from most recent): Advertising (19 years), Personal Injury Law, Customer Service, Warehouse, Restaurants (Highschool to young-adult), Groundskeeping (Highschool), Painting (Highschool), Lawn and chores business (childhood)
  • Fun Facts: Meets new cousins often (Hence the name “Primo”).  Grew up an only son with 3 sisters.  Was a frequent ER patient as a child (ask me about my odd injuries).  Played Soccer from age 3-15 and keeps in close contact with former teammates. Loves cars and motorcycles.  Owns a 1940’s pool table that was owned by an ancestor of Wyatt Earp.  Genealogy has been traced back directly to Montezuma.  
  • Motto: “Life isn’t transactional, it’s about building relationships.” 
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If you can’t tell by now, Greg cherishes relationships whether it be his daughter, siblings, parents/grandma, extended relatives, or his career family.  If you choose Primo Advertising, you will be treated with respect and taken care of like family.

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