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Geofencing / Retargeting Advertising

What is Geofencing?

Geofencing is a technique that uses location data to assist with communications like home automation, device tracking, and gathering proximity data and travel behaviors.  This virtual “fence” can be placed around a radius of an address, a property, or even a perimeter mapped out by hand.  When a device enters a geofence, it is identified to be communicated with.

How do you use Geofencing for Advertising?

When geofencing is used by advertisers, typically our goal is to reach a person that has been into a retail or business location that is associated to our target audience.  

For example:  Let’s imagine that you’re at Home Depot looking at all of the plumbing parts asking yourself why you thought you could DIY.   You start researching on your phone “how to fix…” and you see an ad on your phone that states: “Let a Plumbing professional do that for you.  Free Estimates.”  This could be your advertising delivered to this individual because Home Depot is “geofenced”.

That in-store ad might get your attention immediately, but let’s say that you are stubborn and are determined to fix that issue yourself.  You eventually give up and turn on the television and see a TV commercial from the same plumber that says: “I can fix that issue for you TODAY.  Call for a Free Estimate.”  In this example, the TV commercial was delivered because our technology identified the home with the device that entered the geofence around Home Depot.

Geofence Advertising explained:

Primo Advertising utilizes geofencing technology to target people on their mobile devices when they are in a store.  Then as we identify that device, we can follow that person around with ads to that device after they leave the geofence.  After that, when this same person is logged into their Google/Safari/Wi-Fi on their computers, we can deliver them ads as they are online.  Even further, when this same person gets home and their device connects to their home Wi-Fi, we associate the device to the home, and we can deliver commercials to their TVs! 

All these devices become recognized as having the same owner and since they entered our geofence, they’re put on a list to be delivered your ads.

Retargeting Advertising:

Retargeting can be confused with geofencing, but it is different.  Retargeting recipients are added to your targeting list when someone either has visited your website, or they have received an ad of yours that is included in a qualified Primo Advertising ad component.  

Retargeting ads follow the person around with online and TV ads.