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Video Production

What is it about the video that captures us?  Is it the curiosity of what others are doing, or is it the activity on the screen?  Is it the sound of someone’s voice, or the music that is in the background that grabs our attention?  Is it the information that we are intrigued by?

On average, Americans watch 3+ hours of TV daily.  55% will watch videos provided by an Internet source every day.  9 out of 10 (18-44) people watch YouTube videos.  54% of online video viewers want to see more content from their favorite brands or businesses.   

Videos on websites, social media, and other online mediums increase Online Visibility and can help businesses share their value statements with those who could potentially become clients.  TV commercial videos dominate the advertising industry in influencing brand credibility and capturing buyers’ interest. 

However, each type of video distribution medium demands different styles of video production.  TikTok videos are shot at a quick pace and in portrait orientation.  YouTube has many different styles of video from short informal clips of entertainment to long-form informational videos.  TV and Streaming TV ads are shot in landscape orientation in 15 and 30-second clips that must be straightforward with value statements and shot with high professional quality.

Video Production

Our video production teams have decades of experience with all types of video creation.  Our producers and production teams have worked on projects from top TV shows, TV commercials, top music artists, live events, social media, movies, documentation videos, and more.  All of these have different time commitments and costs.

Fortunately for our clients, as small business owners ourselves, we understand that not everyone can afford big-budget productions.  So, we have been able to create a process that allows us to create high-quality video spots for a reasonable budget.  We look at every opportunity to save you money including utilizing your existing video and photo assets at times.  We can work with most circumstances.

And being able to have the strategic planning expert involved in the creative development is invaluable to the process.

We won’t know what we can do for you until we explore your goals in depth.  Let’s have a meeting with our Video Production team to talk about your next filmed project. 

In the meantime, please feel free to take a look at some of our recent Video Production projects on this page.

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