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Dallas – Fort Worth, TX – TV Viewership data (3.24.24)

30-day TV ad Impressions availableStreaming TV (OTT) viewership shareBroadcast / Cable / Satellite TV shareTotal D/FW TV HouseholdsTotal D/FW TV AudienceTotal D/FW TV Advertisers

(source: Simplifi via Looker)

TV is still the King of Advertising in the US.  Even though we consume content on other devices, no other medium can build brand confidence and legitimacy as successfully as TV Advertising can.

Why TV Advertising?

Americans still average 3+ hours a day watching TV programming.  We have our favorite news personalities that we follow.  We watch live sports together.  And we have our favorite TV shows and characters that allow us to escape to other stories of life and information. 

As of March 2024, the Dallas–Fort Worth Metroplex has more than 8 million TV viewers from 2.85 million households.  This means that over 30 days, we have 186.7 million opportunities to place television commercials in front of someone! 

With TV Advertising, we get to tell the story of your business and what you have to offer.  We can show them that you have a professional look and why you are a better choice than the others.  We can let them hear your voice.  We can influence their mood with music.  This is your introduction into somebody’s home without the legwork of knocking on every single door. 

When we get your TV ad in the right home(s), the viewer may not necessarily be in-market for your product or service, but you have that opportunity to show them what you are offering and start influencing them from the top of the funnel.  Your TV audience will also start to become familiar with your brand name and image so if/when they want your type of offerings, you are top-of-mind to them.  Nothing else gets you this much time, with sight and sound into homes as effectively as TV advertising.

However, even though we have hundreds of millions of TV and OTT advertising opportunities, does every single person need to see your ads?  Or would you prefer to pick and choose who all to put your ads in front of?

There are hundreds/thousands of choices to place TV Advertising and OTT Ads, which one would you pick?

  • Broadcast TV Advertising:  KDFW / FOX, WFAA / ABC, KTVT / CBS, KXAS / NBC, KERA, CW, Univision, Telemundo, Azteca, and more
  • Cable TV Advertising providers: Spectrum, AT&T Uverse, Frontier FIOS, DirecTV, DISH, Optimum, and others
    • Cable TV Networks: HGTV, FOX News, CNN, ESPN, Bally Sports, Bravo, E!, AMC, Paramount, Newsy, Hallmark, Lifetime, Discovery, FOOD and dozens more!
  • Streaming TV Advertising (OTT) / CTV providers: Roku, Samsung, Apple TV, Amazon Prime, Sling, Fubo, and many others, growing rapidly.
    • Streaming TV Networks: Hundreds and growing.

With near-infinite amounts of marketing decisions, where would you even begin to start your TV and/or OTT campaign?

This is where I come in.  I worked on the media side for many years, and I have close contacts with dozens of media companies where I can reach virtually all of these TV networks and platforms, but using hyper-focused ad techniques.  My goal is to make sure that we eliminate marketing waste by placing your TV ads predominantly in front of people who could benefit from your offerings.

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